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(7/16/13)The diabetes epidemic and eye health.

(5/15/13)King Baby: For the Chosen Few

(4/1/13)Nearsightedness in children

(3/19/13)Ocular Nevus


(2/18/13)Dr. Jack Schaeffer talks with the head of Birmingham Fashion Week.

(2/5/13)Multi-Focal Contacts

(1/28/13)Medical vs Eye Insurance.

(11/26/12)Vitamins that improve eye health

(11/19/12)Varilux S Lenses

(11/12/12)Flexible Spending Accounts

(10/4/12)Jewelry and Eyewear


(9/17/12)Dry Eye Treatment

(9/10/12)Treating MGD (Meibomian Gland Disease)


(8/20/12)Navigating Insurance Benefits

(8/13/12)Kids and Contacts

(8/6/12)Sports Eyewear

(7/30/12)Going back to school in style

(7/23/12)Back to School

(7/16/12)Camp Seale Harris


(6/26/12)Dry Eye (Ocular Surface Disease)

(6/20/12)Dr. Schaeffer is selected as an Optometric Business Innovator for 2012 in the category of Influencer!

(6/20/12)Birmingham Ranks #4 in 2012 Eye Health Index

(6/18/12)Comprehensive Eye Exam and Family History

(6/12/12)Lasik Servies now 40% off!

(6/11/12)Tom Ford now at Schaeffer Eye Center

(6/4/12)Hang Ten with the Guys from SALT. Optics

(5/28/12)Cartier - Jewelry for the Eyes

(5/21/12)Summertime Contact Lense Wearers Guide

(5/14/12)Schaeffer Eye Center Crawfish Boil 2012 Recap


(4/26/12)Evolve Your Eyes - Science

(4/24/12)Protection from the SUN(NBC13-Daytime Alabama)

(4/9/12)Eye Allergy Symptoms and Treatment Information

(4/2/12)NBC13 - Daytime Alabama - Schaeffer Eye Center Crawfish Boil

(3/13/12)Hot New Looks on NBC13

(3/6/12)ViziOffice - The future of frame and lens selection

(2/28/12)Evolve Your Eyes 2

(2/27/12)Super Bowl Ad

(2/6/12)Big Communications Creates Schaeffer Eye Center's Bowl ad

(12/19/11)Night Vision

(12/12/11)Kids and Nearsightedness

(12/6/11)Senior Eye Care

(11/28/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Holiday Shopping

(11/21/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Toy Drive

(11/8/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, High Fashion

(11/3/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Luxury Eyewear

(10/24/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Salt

(10/17/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Party for Life Pt. 2

(10/11/11)City of Birmingham Proclamation by Mayor William Bell

(10/11/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Party for Life

(10/3/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Lasik

(9/26/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Diabetes

(9/20/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Glasses Fitting

(9/12/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Lens Choices

(9/5/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Water Tips

(8/30/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Latisse

(8/22/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Sidewalk Film Festival

(8/17/11)Dr. Jack Schaeffer Co-Hosts

(8/17/11)Meet Dr. Jack Schaeffer's Family

(8/15/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Sama

(8/10/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Back to School Exam

(8/2/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Back to School Frames

(7/26/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Rimless Glasses

(7/21/11)Schaeffer Eye Center, Kids and Contacts

(7/7/11)Alabama's 13: Shades for the Outdoor Athlete

(7/1/11)Alabama's 13: Summer Fashions

(6/22/11)Alabama's 13: Macular Degeneration

(6/16/11)Alabama's 13: RetroSpecs

(6/9/11)Alabama's 13: Seasonal Allergies

(5/31/11)Alabama's 13: Summer and Contacts

(5/25/11)Christmas Now Toy Drive

(5/24/11)Alabama's 13: 2011 Sunglasses

(5/16/11)Alabama's 13: Camp Seale Harris

(5/10/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: L.A. Eyeworks

(5/3/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Breast Cancer Research

(4/25/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Camp S.A.M.

(4/18/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: 2011 Crawfish Boil

(4/11/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Casual Day

(4/4/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Project Homeless Connect

(3/28/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: 2011 Honda Grand Prix

(3/14/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Laser Vision

(3/7/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Itchy and Dry Eye

(2/28/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Glaucoma Testing

(2/21/11)Daytime Alabama: Contact Lens Solution

(2/16/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: SAMA

(2/16/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Concept store

(1/1/11)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Dilation

(12/22/10)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Computer Glasses

(12/6/10)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Better Night Vision

(11/29/10)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Schaeffer Vision

(11/22/10)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Celebrity Looks

(11/15/10)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Serving the Community

(11/8/10)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: New Eye Care News

(11/1/10)Alabama 13's Daytime Alabama: Latisse

(10/25/10)Daytime Alabama: Your Eyes Can Tell You About Your Overall Health

(10/18/10)NBC 13's Daytime Alabama: Halloween Contacts

Schaeffer Eye Center, Glasses Fitting

See how the expert staff at Schaeffer Eye Center measures for glasses to get a quality and accurate fit.

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